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Transforming Your Organization


Whole Systems Change

When stagnation or poor performance threaten an organization’s relevance, change is required at a deep, systemic level. You need to tap the energy bound up in policies and perceptions that are no longer effective, and provide a framework for open collaboration and accelerated growth. Niyonu Spann Associates approaches the process of transformation holistically, by engaging the whole organization, the whole leader, and the whole employee in a process designed to achieve complete alignment with the mission.

What is the mission? At the heart of our success is a simple yet profound realization: the knowledge of the way forward lies within the collective knowledge of the organization. To tap into that collective knowing, you must first break open and make visible both the stored baggage within the organization’s archives of information, and perceptions and emotions long held in the body. Niyonu Spann Associates employ both traditional methodologies as well as dynamic movement and music to reveal and release the baggage, and tap into that knowing at a deep level.

The work begins with an organic assessment of current functioning. By fusing photos, video, narrative and music, we document the issues with the emotional power to engage everyone in the organization. Then, through creative diagnosis we develop a custom program designed to achieve breakthrough results.

Organizational Readiness After Loss

Founder moves on. A beloved program is cancelled. Conflict between divisions continues unabated. Traumatic experiences like these can have a lasting impact on performance and morale. People and teams can get stuck in an unproductive loop, unable to find a way out. We understand the dimensions of trauma, and the nature of healing. Our proven methods are designed to honor the truthful impact of such loss while assisting the organization to engage deeply, to unify and to build a healthy, positive culture which invites confidence and a renewed commitment to the mission.

Creating Internal Coaches

An important part of our goal is to sustain your organization’s commitment to mission effectiveness with minimal dependence on outside consultants. To help maintain a healthy alignment, we train one or more members of your team as mentors of the transformation process. We provide the plan and the measurement tools to help your internal coaches set and track performance benchmarks. And when needed, we are there to provide support, training or course corrections.


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