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Team Building


If each team in your organization was fully alive and united, what could they accomplish together? Niyonu Spann Associates works with leaders to create a truly inclusive workplace where every person can contribute fully. Our holistic approach:

• develop an organization’s ability to think and act as a whole
• identify and releasing perceptions that breed defensive postures
• create healthy communities and innovative team structures
• introduce fresh approaches to power-sharing and goal-setting

Community Empowerment: The IDEAL™ Team-Building Process

1: Illumination

A great team knows how to observe itself. Illumination is a deceptively simple process in which a team closely observes itself: “Did you notice what you just said? What do you mean by…? When and where did that notion originate?” In Stage 1, dialogue and group bodywork reveal and gently release accumulated layers of procedures and presumptions standing between your organization and your goal.

2: Declaration

Great teams share what they see and understand. Next, we build courageous teams willing to share honest feedback, and to support and celebrate each other and the larger community.

3: Excitation

Great teams move energy with discipline, focus and heart. Stage 3 explores how teams move energy in two ways – by agitating and invigorating ­– and applies this knowledge to improve their performance, whether they’re generating ideas or transforming an underperforming division.

4: Actualization

Great teams focus on realizing their mission. When a team loses sight of its mission, too often, their goal becomes team survival. Actualization is how we crystallize the collective goal-setting process. It teaches teams to anticipate patterns of thinking or behavior that can interfere with their mission. In Stage 4, we make needed course corrections, and formally recognize achievements.

5: Live

A great team is mindful of being a team, and being human. Live invests teams with awareness of themselves as dynamic creators and conductors of energy. In this final stage, teams embrace their unity, acknowledge their highest potential, and face the future with courage and commitment.

Diversity Training: Beyond “Diversity 101”

If you could create a truly inclusive workplace, you would see dramatic leaps in innovation and productivity. We help leaders build effective teams by helping individuals and organizations to appreciate and embrace diversity.

In Beyond Diversity 101, we illuminate and release the assumptions that separate people by rank, race, class, gender and department. Through a “whole person, whole body” process which integrates dialogue, movement and music, we work with individuals and teams to acknowledge injustices, release the hurt, and recognize the true interconnections that sustain supportive and just communities.


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