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A Holistic Approach to Achieving Peak Performance

Today, many organizations are confronting the need for fundamental change. But breaking
out of old, ineffective structures and practices requires whole-systems thinking and strategic implementation, as well as inspiration and engagement.

Since 1994, Niyonu Spann Associates has been achieving dramatic breakthroughs with processes grounded in real-time data and designed to engage the whole organization, and the whole person. Our innovative training, workshops and system-wide interventions focus on identifying an organization’s essential mission (the seed-thought) and aligning its people, activities and culture with that mission.

We focus on 4 key areas to unleash the potential of organizations in transition:

Transform Your Organization

Niyonu approaches the process of transformation holistically, by engaging the entire organization in a process designed to align the people and their actions with the organization’s essential, vital mission.

Transforming Your Organization

Unite Your Team

If each team in your organization was fully alive with shared purpose and skillful execution, what could they accomplish together? If you could create a truly inclusive workplace where every person could contribute fully, how much more productive could your organization become? We help leaders to build truly effective teams.

Team Building

Train Effective Leaders

The key to achieving performance breakthroughs across an organization is to begin with the leader. Niyonu Spann Associates create visionary change agents by engaging leaders in a holistic process designed to help them recognize and shift the habits and assumptions which limit their effectiveness.

Leadership Training & Coaching

Clarify Your Mission

Niyonu is a compelling communicator whose ability to bring an idea or vision to life has made her a sought-after speaker at conferences and commencement ceremonies. Her moving and artfully crafted presentations have the power to profoundly engage an audience and inspire positive action.

Keynote Speaker & Guest Lecturer

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